Our Workshops

These are our own teams who are handling the site production while allowing us to answer quickly to the needs of our clients in terms of quantities, cuts, diameter and delivery.

The variety also called “vegetable steel” is known for its strength, its stability, its lightness, its resistance against the cold and the humidity, as well as the countless uses that you have on the inside such as on the outside.

Houses, hanging bridges, aqueducts, hulls, floors, furniture, decorative items, musical instruments and even paper are made into this incredible Colombian material.

This natural raw material allows not only to build a cathedral, as in Pereira, in Colombia, but can also be used in the manufacturing of handmade items loved by the worldwide tourists.

Natural and renewable bamboo

Natural and renewable, bamboo has a minimum ecological impact. His growth is extremely fast. Moreover, sticks are available again the years following their cut.

LProduction of the raw material is made in compliance with the local cooperatives guidelines of production in terms of employment and respect of the environment.

noble and easy to use, the material is treated in a reasoned, traditional and natural way, in order to resist the ecological constraints of northern Europe. The treatment of bamboo consists of drying them in the water with some borax salt in it and then cooking them three times. This is called an autoclave natural treatment. Transformed in protected workshops in Belgium, our products are characterised by their elegance, their originality and their simplicity.

bamboo concept a propos 2

Quick and flexible installation

Available in standards and personalised, our systems have been studied and developed for a fast and flexible installation, DIY- friendly as well as a low maintenance.

Our large diameter bamboo poles are destined for construction, ready to answer to the new norms of passive constructions, as a replacement for steel and in symbiosis with wood.

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