Our bamboos are dedicated to construction and decoration.

For outdoor use, the guarantee in time is assured, the canes can “grey” a little, that is to say present light cracks but which in no case endanger the full cane and its resistance.

However, it is possible to treat the canes so as to give them a more continuous aspect in time.
In this case, we recommend a treatment with linseed oil diluted with 30% of therebentine, applied to the bamboo with a cloth.
The silica layer covering the bamboo is so dense that nothing can impregnate it.

Linseed oil treatment – Therebenthine 35%

Linseed oil treatment – Therebenthine 35%

The oil is therefore a supperficial protection that allows you to keep a more pleasant appearance in the long term.

The bamboo will not change its appearance but the oil will eventually wear off with time and weathering, so it is advisable to repeat the treatment as soon as the appearance of the oil deteriorates.

It is therefore advisable to remove the bamboo treated with water pressure and to renew the treatment with diluted linseed oil.

PU – Clogging

Colmatage - Poncage Fentes Bambous

Clogging- Sanding Bamboo Slots

For the felures, which can be aesthetically unpleasant and inadequate, it is advisable to use a suitable expanding PU glue and then to sand down the exedent. The colour of the glue is identical to the colour of the bamboo and gives a perfect finish to the treated cane.

Fire treatment – M1 M2 M3

For indoor use, effective and certified products are available for this type of application.

The products can either be supplied to you or applied by us to the materials.

Certificates of conformity M1, M2 or M3 for the product and the treatment are provided in both cases.

For external use, partner companies also offer suitable and validated treatments.

For these requests, the sending of the materials to the partner is unavoidable, and inevitably an additional delay will be imposed for the delivery, this depending on the quantity of material to be treated.

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